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The smart way to give

Do you also experience frustration when you see that despite all the charitable efforts and myriad of grants available, the poor seems to become even poorer? Are you concerned that the money you give for charity will be misused or create further dependency? Or feel guilty when you decide not to give?

CareWise is a newly established social enterprise (non-profit organisation), created in 2012 by South African business people who share a passion to limit misuse of donor funds, break the culture of dependency and to empower the poor in a sustainable way.

What we do

We simply strive to – attract donor and CSI funds to empower poor people with pre-paid cards and e-purses to help pay for basic supplies and services. The cards will mainly be issued by charities when poor people participate in their developmental activities, but can also be used by the public in cases where they want to replace cash, food or clothes donations with a card. Misuse of funds is curtailed in that no purchases can be done at liquor stores, and that distribution and use of funds and cards are monitored via a central CareWise database.

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